Practice is currently closed to new patients. (11/25/2020)

Welcome to my practice

Looking for change within yourself?

You are here because you are looking for something to change in your life. You have probably tried "everything else," like self-help books, eating "right," meditating, or other therapies. Maybe you are overwhelmed, frustrated, sad, or you feel stuck in some other way.

My practice is guided by a calling to help you overcome internal obstacles to find a sense of wholeness and self-confidence, experience movement in calcified areas, and gain hope, joy, and happiness.

This kind of profound change is hard. Through the intensive approach of psychoanalytic psychotherapy, we explore deep issues that have caused long standing problems. With awareness you can improve your self-management and quality of life.

In addition to my qualifications below, I am in active consultation and study with senior psychoanalysts and continually working towards mastery. I receive my own intensive psychotherapy. What this means is that I have a high degree of commitment to ethical and effective practice in my work with you.

In addition to deep psychotherapy work and traditional psychiatry, I offer nutritional psychiatry, a.k.a. functional medicine focused on brain health. I offer specialized testing to evaluate for nutritional deficiencies, genomic variants, and metabolic dysfunction that can exacerbate mental health. Nutritional supplements and specialized dietary strategies recommended as appropriate.

Whether you are struggling with a relationship break-up, difficulties at work, identity issues, or mood difficulties, the process of reflection in psychotherapy can lead to lasting change.

One of the most vital factors in choosing a psychiatrist or therapist is feeling safe and comfortable with them. I encourage you to get on the phone and see if treatment with me feels right for you.


My educational background includes authorship, clinical research, and training in psychopharmacology. Training in psychotherapy from leading psychoanalysts at SFCP and from the renowned David D. Burns, M.D. I have worked in a range of settings spanning from New York to California including UC Hastings College of the Law Student Health Services, Stanford University Counseling and Psychological Services, public clinics, hospitals, and day programs.

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Thank you for your interest.

Current Fees:
Initial Consultation sessions x 3: $500 per 60 min appointment (no medication prescriptions)
Follow-up: $400 per 50 min appointment
Document/telephone refill fee: $150 per 15 min units (current patients only)

Out-of-Network. No insurances billed directly. Super-bills provided upon request.

Thank you for your interest. Please contact me for current fees. Patients are responsible for full payment of fees at time of service. I am an "out-of-network" provider and not contracted with health insurance. Cancellations must be requested more than 48 hours before appointment time or incur the full session fee.

Psychiatry and psychotherapy is provided via a secure tele-conferencing format. Patients who reside in California are eligible for treatment in the practice. We will start with a series of consultation visits to assess treatment potential in the practice. Please prepare for initial visits by reflecting on what you wish to gain from treatment and by organizing your history of psychiatric assessment and medication treatment and psychotherapy. Medications are not prescribed at these visits – make sure you have sufficient refills from your recent provider.


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